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1. Noodles & Company. Despite there being a few locations in my area, I've never been to N&Co. or even had an interest. Sean received a gift card as an end of season gift (he coaches boys' volleyball), so we finally swung by. I was pleasantly surprised to find out most of the dishes are vegetarian friendly (you can opt to add meat, tofu, or even extra veggies). Prices are lower than I expected, and you can add a salad or soup to your entree for $1! I definitely see myself returning.

2. Wicked Clothes. In an attempt to be current in more social media besides Facebook  I started using my Instagram again and signed up for StumbleUpon. I have found the latter to be quite addicting and potentially dangerous to my wallet; I stumbled upon Wicked Clothes and immediately saw and knew I had to have the Maritime Anchor Bracelet (I LOVE all things nautical!) I snagged it at 20% off (always search for coupon codes before purchasing here, it looks like they post deals often!) and it has already arrived and found its place on my arm.

3. Absolut Hibiscus. Just like nautical, I have a fondness for all things hibiscus. I love the pretty, summery blooms as well as the yummy teas and waters that I have tried featuring this lovely flower. On a recent trip to the store with Sean, the pretty bottle caught my attention just as much as the yummyness I hoped would follow. Now, what to mix it with? Oh, and I definitely see an up-cycling project for the bottle in the future. What to do...

4. Bad Lip Reading.  This post was going to end at #3, then Sean walked over and said "you have to watch this!" I couldn't care less about sports, but this is pretty darn funny. Football widows and fans alike will get a good laugh out of the NFL edition (I don't know about bad, I think they're pretty awesome!).
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