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Shocking news: I love discovering new places and I love getting deals! Aside from the flood of daily deal e-mails, I occasionally scour to see if anything has popped up in my area that might be worth trying.

Awhile back, I purchased a voucher for Kahve Cafe in Edgewater. It is right down the street from my work, so I figured I could pop in for lunch any day and give them a try. I had forgotten about it,  but a recent livingsocial deal prompted me to give them a try today so I could decide if I should stock up on those vouchers as well!

The cafe is located on the Main Street at South River Colony. On a side note, the area has a special place in my heart as the shopping center where I purchased my wedding dress. Alas, the store has since moved on as have many others, but I still love the center and hope it has a better future ahead of it.

The cafe has a big, open feel. I LOVE the amount of natural light that the front windows allow in. It is hard for me to say this as I have a strong distaste for anything purple, but the color pallet worked well - they used a tasteful shade and it flows nicely with the green and brown which are my personal favorite. The furnishings look brand new but still inviting. A wall mural salutes the Turkish roots of the cafe's name.

The tables all have menus waiting, or if you want, walk right up to the counter to check out the display cases and full menu written on the overhead chalkboards (Kahve is, first and foremost, a coffee shop, so this makes sense! Sadly, I don't like coffee, so I am reviewing this as a restaurant)!

Based on my recent decision to give this vegetarian thing a try, I opted to order the brie & apple panini. The spinach and feta frittata was extremely tempting, and a steal at $3, but I had to spend $15 to use my voucher. I thought that would be relatively easy, but the prices are beyond reasonable. My panini plus two desserts (a cheesecake for me and a key lime pie for the hubby) and a bottled drink came in at just over $16. Wow!

please excuse the crappy cell phone pics...

The staff member I ordered with was friendly and brought everything out to my table. The sandwich was a new try for me, but delicious! Think grown-up grilled cheese with a sweet/tangy twist. They used granny smith apples which provided a great contrast. I munched it down in no time. I also really like the different sides offered with sandwiches; you could choose from chips, fruit, potato salad, or pasta salad. Of course, given one of my recent re·solves, I chose the fruit, which was a banana in my case. Nothing to review there.

Onto the good stuff - dessert! I ordered a plain vanilla cheesecake which was presented very nicely. I was in love at first bite! I can be picky about cheesecakes, especially when plain, but this one disappeared even faster than my panini! It tasted great in the berry sauce on the plate! I'm thinking I may have a new favorite. The hubby hasn't come home to discover his surprise yet, but if the cheesecake is any indication, he will be in love as well!

My only disappointment with this visit was that Kahve's facebook page says that they are a "vegetarian and vegan restaurant." I was very excited about this going in. They do have some vegetarian options, likely more than most places, but I had to read through many typical sandwiches and items containing meat to find them. I'm not sure what would qualify as vegan aside from a salad. I appreciate that there is more than one choice, but I don't feel that it is enough to put them in the category of a "vegetarian and vegan restaurant."

All in all, I will be grabbing those livingsocial vouchers (and a buddy!) and coming back. I enjoy the ambiance and feel that there are other great options left to try - on the way to my table after ordering, I noticed a very gooey cinnamon roll with my name on it! It would make a good breakfast next time along with that frittata!
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