Happy Friday!

I'm keeping this one short and sweet. Superbowl weekend is here, and as I live in Ravens country, there is plenty of excitement going around! I will be celebrating with family (including some fellow vegetarians!) while Sean, as he puts it, "watches the game in peace."

Those of you who know my feelings on all things purple, enjoy this while you can!

Enjoy the game (or commercials!) regardless of who you are rooting for! Do you have any big plans?

In honor of the upcoming festivities, stay tuned for a yummy veggie appetizer or two, and in the meantime, enjoy this ADORABLE NFL story (not related to either team, but seriously, how sweet is this?):

The heart-warming moment NFL star JJ Watt 'married' a six-year-old fan for a day after seeing YouTube video of her crying because she wasn't old enough to be his wife

UPDATE: I'm all about supporting local journalism, especially Nicki Mayo @ The List! Ravens fans will love her 10 Super Bowl Viral Videos from Ravens Fans!

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