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Today's post is my first ever from a link•up. Love it? Hate it? Let me know! I'm always happy to hear what you all would like to read more (or less) of.

This particular theme is part of a weekly short and sweet series over at Penguins, Pasta, & Polka Dots.

This week, bloggers are sharing the following:
  • First Thing You Reach For in the Fridge
  • First Car Accident or Traffic Violation
  • First BIG Accomplishment You're Proud Of
If you would like to participate as well, write up your own post and link it up to PP&P!In the meantime, here are my random factoids of the week:

First Thing You Reach For in the Fridge:I've been eating a lot of fruit and high fiber cereal in the morning, so I would have to say the almond milk to go in said cereal. Also, I often make "sassy water" that I discovered from Carolina Charm. I LOVE it! I drink it right up whenever I have it handy.

First Car Accident or Traffic Violation:
Back in VA where I grew up, there was a local 4-mile connecting road with no stop lights (they've added a couple since) and a super low speed limit (maybe 35?). There were no houses right ON the road, but plenty of immediate housing developments. Most of us happily sped our way down. It definitely felt like a 45 kinda road. People complained all the time. 

I'm sure you can see where this is going. I was probably 18 and going down the road at 60....and a cop found me pretty quickly. I thought my mom would be livid but she just laughed at me. I paid the ticket (it was totally my fault, I wasn't going to court). They sent me the check back like 2 months later saying my case had been dismissed. NICE! No points, no cash lost. :)

First BIG Accomplishment You're Proud Of:
When I was out of high school and working on my Associate's, I worked part time for ULTA. I LOVED it!

I also had no direction at the time and had no idea what I was doing with my life. I had decided at that point that I was done with school because I couldn't do what I loved (music - I have serious middle child trauma but that's not a story for today), so I would just take gym classes and start the process of enlistment. That ended up falling through.

 I found out another local ULTA store needed managers. I talked to mine about going for the job and within a matter of weeks, I was promoted and transferred. My first full time job, and a bonafide manager at 19. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

I know I'm not terribly interesting, but hopefully you learned something new or giggled at something!

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  1. That is so crazy awesome they sent your money back and dismissed your case! I'm jealous of that, because I got a big ticket when I was 17, and I had to pay for it myself. Not fun. Good for you though girl! :) Glad you joined in a linked up with us today!

  2. Got to love a dismissed ticket!

    Found you on the link up :) New Follower!



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