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Are you following me on bloglovin' yet?

Betsy was my 72nd GFC follower. 72 happens to be my favorite random number, so I hooked her up with a free ad and a skincare trial from Arbonne. I plan to do the same for whoever is lucky #72 on bloglovin'! Just click the lovely button on my sidebar!

Speaking of following blogs, do y'all read Faith, Love, and Hope? The lovely miss Janna was kind enough to interview me, and said interview is live on her blog right now. Check it out here!

Fitness/wellness/weight loss bloggers...my lovely friend Bethany is on her own healthy living journey and just started her own blog this weekend. Please stop by and offer her some encouragement!



Another blog to check out: I've been doing bigs and littles (see button on my sidebar). I fully expected to be a little, but it looks like I got a little of my own! Check her out and give her some love here!

Ooooh, my uncle is in a commercial! Check him out in the elevator (in the tannish suit jacket)!

Anyone interested in ad swaps for May? Contact me!

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  1. Oh man, I guess I'm out of luck considering I'm already following you haha!! Well, I could unfollow than follow and than unfollow and follow you again until I reach your favorite number! Genius? I know :)

    1. Oh btw I have a new a new web address and here's the BL link to it if you were a follower. :) http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/7264595

  2. Following you on bloglovin' so glad you are on it!!


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