cleanup time!

My surgery is at 3 pm tomorrow.

When I'm not working, I'm cleaning like a madwoman trying to get ready since I know I'll be doing none of that for the next week or so as I recover and don't want to be stressed by a mess.

We've still got some things to do, but it's not looking to shabby.

I figured it was time for some blog cleaning, too. I absolutely loved my first "real" design from Erin, but I was a total novice blogger who didn't know what all I really wanted or needed.

I do know it was a step up from my initial blog design, a free template that held me over til I found someone I could afford!

Turns out, the more I blogged, the more I knew I needed to add or change. It was clear I may as well go all out and redesign. But I still hate clutter. I needed something clean, but still pretty and void of chevron.We all know I have an aversion to all things trendy.

When I realized my blog friend and first Cara Box sender, Britt, was into design, I knew we needed to work together. She did not disappoint.

What do you think of the new look?

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  1. Bekah!! I love the blog design!! =) =) =)
    Erin is great! Love her!
    Thinking of you during your surgery.

  2. I really like it! And I too do not like chevron :-) Good luck on your surgery!

  3. Love the new look. Blessing on your surgery!

  4. Good luck Bekah. Look forward to hearing how it went. Cheers

  5. Good luck tomorrow! Love the new layout, too! Looking sharp. Prayers!

  6. Hope everything goes really well! Thinking of you xo

  7. Sad face my comment did not go through from earlier. Sending prayers and good vibes that your surgery went well and the recovery process is speedy.

    You already know I love Britt and her designs. Now we can just stare at our pretty designs together.


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