HUGE Steals!

You know I've got to be serious when I use caps in one of my titles. I broke my typical format because it's THAT IMPORTANT.

Anyway...I don't do crowds. I LOVE buying gifts early to avoid them, especially at Christmas time. And I REALLY love getting them at a great price.

I just saw this and knew I had to share. Y'all, these prices are INSANELY good, and you don't have to set foot outside the house. If you stockpile, grab a few to have as gifts on hand, or just pamper yourself/your man. These are both awesome and I wouldn't be shocked if they sold out tonight at these prices:

A sexy, full-size fragrance duo for the men (was $114, now $48) 
And sassy full-sized lip gloss trio  (was $78, now $32) for the ladies. 

Seriously. If you want to order, get in touch with me ASAP. I can even show you how to get another 20% off the sale price!

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  1. Wish I lived in the states so I could take advantage of the fabulous prices.


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