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If you have been reading this blog more than a week, you know I recently lost my job.

If you've been reading it even longer, you know that I am a huge lover of and consultant for Arbonne (I'd love it if you'd "like" my page!).

I started my Arbonne business for two reasons: it gave me a discount on products I love, and it allowed me extra cash during my job's off season. I wasn't trying to promote to the highest level or earn the company's free Mercedes. I was happy where I was.

We all know that has changed. Aside from being unemployed, the job market these days is a bust. Half the jobs are scams or would allow me no life. The other half value my degree but want a lifetime of experience. It feels like I can't win.

So yes, I'm looking. But I know it will take awhile. In the meantime, I will be more actively working my business. I know it works. Out of all the MLM companies out there, I chose Arbonne because I truly love and believe in their green philosophy and products. As evidenced in this recent post, I would never recommend something I don't like or believe in - even if it's free!

All that being said, I will be sharing a great product each week. Arbonne offers so much - skincare, cosmetics, bath and body, health and wellness, and more!

This week, I'm starting in my own bathroom with my daily routine:

Our FC5 line! FC stands for "fresh cells." This is a daily skincare line that also includes bath and body products. Nutrients from 5 fruits and vegetables are used in the products- and they smell great! The scent is from the botanical base of the products versus an added fragrance at the end which I LOVE. I am super sensitive to fragrance and have no issue with these at all.

My favorite thing about these products (besides how amazing my skin looks and feels!) is how long they last! People get sticker shock when they see our catalog for the first time, but these are not your drugstore or even department store products. The skincare set I am using now, I bought last NOVEMBER. That's 9 months and I still have more left (and I use this twice daily!). Most of our products last at least 6 months which you can see is true! So, in the long run, it's cheaper than the store bought products you are buying every month or two!

FC5 has two skincare lines - one for normal/dry skin and one for oily/combo skin. Their shower set includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a body scrub. They also offer a skin conditioning oil and hand and foot creams.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting product. I love that these products last longer!

  2. Is there a catalogue somewhere? I'm interested in checking out what they have going on!

  3. I have a friend who does this...she loves it :)


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