product spotlight: makeup primer

A couple of weeks ago, I began a weekly Arbonne product spotlight. It is a great way to see what we offer and what we are about: pure, safe, and beneficial health, wellness, and beauty products.

I began with our FC5 skincare, and the next week discussed our brand new CALM skincare line over at Southern Beauty Guide.

I could go on and on about our skincare, but we offer so much more! If you are interested in skincare, however, I'd love to hear from you! I can help you choose which line would best meet your needs. Arbonne is safest for even the most sensitive skin types!

This week's featured product is also for your skin - after you take good care of it:

Our makeup primer! I love this product because it feels amazing and truly is for everybody -whether you wear makeup or not.

Many consultants have nicknamed our primer "liquid velvet." Try it just once and you will feel exactly why - it feels amazing! It glides right on, but doesn't feel oily at all.

What the heck is primer and what would I do with it? Why would I wear makeup primer if I don't even wear makeup?

I'm so glad you asked! Our makeup primer is vitamin-rich and visually diminishes pores and fine lines. While it does make your makeup application flawless, let's be honest...why wouldn't you diminish your pores and fine lines if you could? Makeup or not, your skin will look fabulous!

If I'm at work or somewhere I need to feel extra presentable (or know my picture will be taken), I prefer to wear makeup. I go through my FC5 regimen and apply primer before any makeup touches my face!

Of course, that is time consuming, and some days...why wear makeup? Or, there are those really bad days where you roll out of bed way later than you intended and you've gotta run! Those are the days I'm especially grateful for the primer. I wash my face, apply a layer, and go (admittedly, I am a mascara addict and will likely apply that in the car if I can.)! It's great because my skin tone looks more even and lacks shine. I will often do this on errand running days or just on a trip to the gym.

The best part? I really can't even say that because everything is the best part. So, another awesome perk: just like our skincare, this stuff lasts forever. As a consultant, I tell people to expect their Arbonne beauty products to last six months. That's not too shabby at all. 

Personally, though? My primer has lasted me a year so far. I'm also still using the FC5 skincare set that I bought last November. That's 9 months! It's definitely cost-effective when you look at it that way!

What type of product would you like me to discuss next week?

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  1. hmm interesting..I may have to check this out!

  2. I'm like the most minimalist person every when it comes to beauty but all your products seems lovely and really great for someone like me who breaks out easy.

  3. I love Arbonne and just got the primer. But, I'm glad I stopped here because I was just using it on days when I wore make up. But I'd like to decrease my fine lines EVERYDAY! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad I could's a great product! Just be sure to cleanse and moisturize as normal before applying :)

  4. Hello Bekah! Found you through linkin ladies blog hop and am now following you with google friend. Nice to meet you! ~Ann at


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