product spotlight: fizz sticks

Woohoo! Time to talk Arbonne!

I am especially excited this week; August was my most successful month with Arbonne to date! I am so blessed. This truly is a great business opportunity for those who need additional cash flow!

Aside from skincare and cosmetics, we have many health and wellness items. I've been looking forward to sharing this product with everyone for awhile as it has been a favorite of mine from the beginning: our fizz sticks!


Fizz sticks are an energy drink...done the pure, safe and beneficial way. No preservatives, no artificial sweeteners...just 13 calories of tasty awesomeness. If you've been reading re•solve for long, you may remember this energy tea I made using our pomegranate flavor:

Personally, I don't like coffee. I've never liked the taste and I never "grew into it" as many adults promised I would. On many tired mornings, I wished I liked it, but no such luck.

I did, however, love me some Pepsi. The caffeine alleviated headaches and the sugar seemed to relax me. This was emotional eating (or drinking, I guess) at it's finest. If you see me with a Pepsi, it's usually safe to assume I'm stressed. I didn't feel awake or energized, though.

And energy drinks? Don't get me started. I've never liked the taste of Red Bull and the smell alone of Monster induces nausea. Nevermind the countless news stories of health problems and deaths tied to those things.

So what's a tired girl to do? I was skeptical when I first heard the promises of the fizz sticks. But, it was only 13 calories. I may as well see if it even tastes good. I mixed one up and drank it pretty quickly. It didn't taste bad at all!

What surprised me came an hour later. I have a "fuzzy" head in the morning. It just feels foggy. I'm not a morning person by any means. An hour or so later, It suddenly hit me: my fog was gone! I didn't feel jittery, I didn't want to bounce off the walls, I just felt clear and alert! It was a nice feeling!

The fizz sticks became a household staple for me after that moment - I keep both the citrus and pomegranate flavors on hand as much as possible. Since drinking them more often, I realized another thing: my cravings were gone, even when I felt stressed. I no longer felt the need to run out and grab that Pepsi. Beautiful!

Another consultant made this - it's so true! via

So, what's the deal? These come in a box of 20, in packet form. They are portable, and if you do the match, cheaper per drink than the nasty drinks in stores! They are made with a blend of green tea, guarana, minerals, and B vitamins to give a non-jittery, crash-free feeling of energy and alertness. Like all our products, the fizz sticks are certified vegan as well as gluten free.

Oh, and true story: my mother-in-law just told me she drank two one night when she was painting her dining room. She got everything done and realized....that it was 1:30 am and she wasn't even tired! She ended up getting to sleep about 3 am. Whoops! Proves they work. :)

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  1. Ohh, girl. Pepsi is so nasty. Nothing but Coke in this house. And I love me some coffee yum yum. A little creamer and three sugars please.

    1. Ohh, and I used to drink energy drinks like nobodies business. I drastically cut back when I realized I was drinking more than one a day and not only were they not working but my body was going crazy on them. I still love them though and drink them here and there.

  2. Ok so email me just how much this is going to cost me lol You were right I am interested!

  3. Yay, I can't wait to try these! There is a rampant diet coke addiction in our household and I need a replacement for the energy without drinking all those chemicals. I am totally with you, energy drinks just taste gross. And I am afraid they might give me a heart attack or something... I'm paranoid, lol.

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