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I run multiple types of Arbonne events. From a one to one session to a facial to a health and wellness presentation, each is different and each is valuable. It's hard to pick a favorite because I love all of our products. These events let me focus thoroughly on one person or on one of many things Arbonne can do to help a group of people.

Although all events are different, I start them all off the same way: with a complimentary hand treatment. I exfoliate the hands of my guests with our Awaken Sea Salt Scrub and moisturize their hands immediately after with our Shea Butter Lotion (mentioned in this spotlight post). It's a nice quick way to feel pampered immediately (and I sure love doing this for myself once a week or so!)

Arbonne Aromassentials

When I conclude each workshop, I have found that the darnedest thing happens. Whether I'm presenting our vegan protein to a group dedicated to losing weight or our skincare to ladies with skin complaints, you know what 90% of them order?

Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub
If you guessed the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub and Shea Butter Lotion, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back! I've been with Arbonne over a year now and it doesn't cease to crack me up that this happens every single time.

It's for good reason though. The Sea Salt Scrub is one of nine amazing products in our Aromassentials line. The line breaks down into two aromatherapy-based scents (with self-explanatory names): Awaken, an uplifting lemon/coriander scent, and Unwind, a relaxing blend featuring yang lang and chamomile (ahh).

So, regardless of mood, Arbonne's got you covered with delightful botanically-based product that help your mood and your body! 

The aforementioned Sea Salt Scrub has made quite a few lists for best scrub (here and here, for instance) and can be used on hands, feet, and everywhere in between to exfoliate and leave skin much softer! Feel free to follow up with the complimenting shower gel, body spray, or body lotion.

Unwind's product lineup definitely has unwinding in mind. The shower gel, body spray, and body lotion are still a part, but to be sure you're relaxing, you will find bath salts and massage oil (I meant it when I said ahh).

Other botanicals in the Aromassentials line include  Ginseng and Nettle extracts (for skin conditioning), Sage extract (for antioxidant properties and moisture), and White Oak to cleanse and soften skin! Pure, safe, beneficial...and delightful!

Aromassentials products are also at a lower price point making them a great gift for anyone (yourself included)!

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  1. I love arbonne! Great products, thanks for sharing. The awaken sea salt scrub is one of my favorites. I'm stopping by from the DYWW link up!


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