product spotlight: pure vibrance

I am super sad to be posting so much purple on my blog, but this product (like all things Arbonne) is worth mentioning.

Arbonne has some pretty spiffy hair care. They have a tea tree shampoo, a SeaSource hair mask, and a shampoo and conditioner in the FC5 line. Like many things, these were great and we were happy with them. We didn't think they could get any better and we certainly weren't complaining.

Then Arbonne gave us Pure Vibrance:

It's kind of like the Snapple commercial that says "The best stuff on earth just got better!" Yeah...Arbonne is already the best, yet they managed to go and find even better stuff!

Would I still use our other products? Absolutely! But if you have colored or chemically treated hair, you don't want to miss this! Actually, even if I didn't color my hair, I would likely still use it.


My first use, my hair was already super shiny....I also didn't feel like I needed to wash it for 3 days! I have super fine hair that always looks nasty the day after I wash it. That was a treat in and of itself. But, of course. the benefits don't stop there; long-term use keeps color from fading so quickly and moisturizes hair to prevent breakage!

No, really. As with all our products, Arbonne had this line tested and found that after 20 days, colored hair retained 93% of color. Those of you who color your hair know how quickly color can fade or just get dull!

Plus, just like everything Arbonne, this line is both effective AND botanically-based (plus vegan certified and all the other good stuff you've heard me mention a gazillion times!) Key botanicals used in Pure Vibrance include Hawaiian ginger, sage leaf, rice extract, and white tea leaf. Sounds pretty healthy!

Pure Vibrance offers a shampoo and conditioner plus a hair revitalizing masque and styling mousse.

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  1. I love Arbonne - I use the RE6 Shampoo/conditioner/Body Wash from then and the full RE9 Anti Aging kit -plus the warming mud mask and Shea Butter I am an Arbonne addict

  2. I love the color of these bottles! :)

  3. I was considering selling Arbonne, but in the meantime just purchased one of their night creams. But haven't it tried it yet!

    aka Bailey


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