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Disclaimer: I received the following products in exchange for sharing my opinion. All opinions presented are my own.

I have a confession to make: there are items I registered for when I got married that I don't use. Some I didn't even open. I'm sure you other married people can relate, right?

One such item is our bathroom scale. It made sense to have one of our own. We chose a reasonably priced digital model with body fat analyzing and all sorts of bells and whistles...bells and whistles we've never figured out. I've stepped on it a few times, scowled at the number, and left it in the bathroom corner collecting dust (literally, I'd be embarrassed to share a pic. whoops!).

On the other hand, one thing I wish I'd have registered for is a kitchen scale. With all the changes I've made in my eating habits lately, I have come across more recipes that I want to try involving weight measurements. Darn it! Of course, sometimes I think of it for portion control too, but who needs that, right?

When Surpahs offered me the opportunity to review both, I figured "why not?" - I needed the kitchen scale and maybe I would use the bathroom scale more often since it's pink! Yeah, I'm a little superficial sometimes.

You can weigh in lbs or kilos

Let's start with the bathroom scale. I love that it's pink, I love that I can just step on to weigh myself instead of the "tap and wait" you have with most scales. I love that it locks in a weight instead of fluctuating every time you try to look down at the number. I love that it's small -it makes for great storage.

Unfortunately, I also hate that it's small. Here's one of my feet on the scale. I'm a size 10 (sorry for the lack of pedi!)

My whole foot doesn't even fit on the scale which makes for an uncomfortable experience. It also makes balance hard. Speaking of balance...

Those are Sean's size 14 feet which clearly don't fit. He discovered the fact that the scale can "rock" if your feet are a little larger than the scale prefers. That being said, I wonder how accurate a weight is if it's not distributed well on the scale.

I like this scale and I want to love it, but Surpahs needs to look into modifying the size foot-wise. This definitely isn't a family scale and I certainly can't toss our other one since we can actually stand on it. I've seen the same complaints from others.

Onto brighter news...the kitchen scale!

This guy is tiny too, but in this case, it's totally appropriate. That is a clementine on the scale...for scale. Obviously I'm weighing nothing huge here so it works out perfectly. Just tap the scale on, zero it, and weigh! You can also specify different units of measurement.

easy to read!
I definitely intend to get plenty of use out of this scale! Both scales are battery operated and include the first batteries. Both are also glass on top which makes for super easy cleanup! They're also super affordable - both scales on sale would have been less than $40 when I received them. Not bad.

...especially if you're a woman with a size 5 foot.

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