5 on [Good] Friday!

I'm making this a 3 on Friday, because these are so awesome, I don't need five!

3. Finally Some us Time! 
Some of you may remember that we had lots of fun trials last year including having to cancel a much anticipated vacation the day before our departure. We're off this weekend for some time together in Amish country! Glad to have a little time away to ourselves :)

What better way to relax than a nice B&B stay?

2. Crazy ridiculous blessings!
I'm halfway through my probationary period at my new job right now. My boss called me in for a closed door meeting and starts talking about HR evaluations - I was terrified! it sounded like she was telling me they were cutting my position. Nope - turns out they thought I needed more money! No complaints here since we're trying to move closer to work!

1. Duh!

It's Good Friday, guys! Without this day and this coming Sunday, our faith would be meaningless. But we know how the story goes and we know that it's not just a story - so we have such amazing hope!

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  1. A raise??! Awesome!! Sounds like you deserve one!! Have fun on your weekend getaway!! =D =D

  2. A raise AND a getaway AND Easter?? Yeah, I'd say you're pretty good with only 3 things. :)

  3. Happy Easter weekend! Hope you have a blast on your getaway! More money is always a good thing!!!


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