HUGE blogger opportunity - all summer long!

I'm so excited to announce the Summer Growth Giveaway Series! I really believe the structure of these opportunities will be a win-win for bloggers and entrants alike. 
I think we all agree that entering a giveaway with hundreds of entries is overwhelming. I know I enter giveaways a lot less (if at all!) when I see a high number of entries and entry types - so we're keeping it simple. Here's how the series works:

We will be running a monthly cash giveaway on the 15th of June, July, and August, each with a specific growth area:
June: Facebook
July: Twitter
August: You choose! The popular vote winner from the following will be chosen:
  • Bloglovin'
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
Participation is $10 for any one month or $25 for all 3.
Complete the entry form and submit payment as a PayPal gift to by May 30 to participate. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions!
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  1. Very cool! Sounds like a great opportunity. Are the participants going to be able to enter as well?


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