rareform: upcycled bags [review + giveaway]

Disclaimer: RAREFORM provided me with this product in exchange for my opinions which are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

If you missed it, I've re·solved to be more aware of (and active regarding) waste this year.

One of the easiest (and I think coolest) ways to help cut down on waste is through upcycling. The concept is nothing new - take something old and refashion it into something new. When we were kids, it was cutting those jeans with the holes where we skinned our knees into shorts for the summer. These days, perhaps it's giving a thrift store chair a fresh coat of paint.

As green living is gaining popularity, companies are finding other unique (and beyond my skill-set) ways to upcycle. I've seen purses made from old sails, seatbelts, and most recently...


To be honest, I've never given much thought to what happens to billboards past their expiration, or even what they're made of. But RAREFORM discovered that billboards could, in fact be upcycled - RAREFORM intercepts the billboards before they hit landfills and upcycle them into a variety of bags - mostly right here in the US (California, to be specific)!

in case you were wondering what billboard material looks like...

RAREFORM sent me a sample of their light duffle bag to see the quality for myself. I imagine it could withstand water and any other nasty condition - though I guess billboards would have to do that! The exterior is sturdy and has a light interior lining. A simple, practical bag...and this size is perfect for a quick overnight or as a gym bag!

RAREFORM's collection also includes wallets, sleeves, backpacks...and even surf, snowboard, and paddle bags for outdoor enthusiasts!

..and they have totes. I'm seriously lusting for this one. via

Another cool thing to note is that while you can choose a general color scheme you would like for your bag, this is an uypcycled product so no two bags will be exactly alike! Plus, how good does it feel that you're making an environmentally-friendly choice? Not only are you keeping waste down, every RAREFORM purchase donates a percentage of proceeds to benefit the planet.

Whether you re·solved to live a greener life or to hit the gym this year, A RAREFORM bag fits right in - so I'm giving the light duffle away to help kickstart your resolutions! Enter below:

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