jane austen + tea = best giveaway ever!

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I don't get to talk about every facet of my life on the blog, but two of those somewhat overlooked facets are both getting attention today: my love of books, and my love of tea (seriously, I have a cabinet in the kitchen solely dedicated to tea).

I love a sweet love story, so of course I enjoy Jane Austen novels. And films. And spinoff films. Ahhh.

So, it should be completely unsurprising that I was ecstatic when word got out that someone had combined two of my great loves into one cool product line:

inspired by jane pemberley tea

An entire collection of teas that are inspired by Jane.

Talk about a kid in a candy store. Each adorable tin has 10 bags of a premium tea blend inspired by the location in an Austen novel. I wanted to grab them all, but I decided to try Pride & Prejudice's Pemberley blend - a green tea with lavender and lemon.

It's hard to say what delighted me more between the aroma when I opened the tin and the herbal flavor when I took my first sip, but I'm hooked. Hooked and somewhat bummed that I know I'll be emptying this tin well before I'm ready to run out.

The good news is, you get the chance to try some! One winner will receive their own tin inspired by your choice of Austen locale: Pemberley, Barton Cottage (rose garden), Hartfield (mint), Donwell Abbey (cinnamon marsala), or Longbourn (quiet reflections). Enter below, or head over to amazon to stock up!

Inspired by Jane

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