that time I was on the news

Awkward you guys. Awkward. I blame my co-worker.

Photo courtesy of the first friend to see the footage.

Whole Foods is a 10-15 minute walk from my office. I rarely go because the place is tiny and makes me claustrophobic, especially when paired with the crazy lunchtime crowds.

But, this morning, my co-worker skyped me an article announcing plans for a bigger store in the same neighborhood. Come the afternoon, I needed a walk and I needed lunch, so with Whole Foods on the brain, off I went.

Of course, the trip ended like it normally does. The place was way too crowded to find real food, so I bought bath salts and strawberry shortcake and headed back out to find real lunch.

Then I saw the camera. I must have been curious a second too long before I veered away, because she caught me:

"Hello! I'm with WJZ and we're talking about the new Whole Foods store...."
 Right. That. Yeah. "I'm new in town...don't know much..." (a year counts as new still, right?)
"Can we talk to you anyway?"
Ugh. It's windy, I didn't wear a full face of makeup today, I don't even have lipstick on right now. Ew. This will make for compelling television. "Sure."

So, here I am, awkwardly on the spot, blabbering on about whatever it is she asked me and thinking about how I wished I had lip makeup on. Awkward. Laugh away, folks.

The truth about me? I'm well more articulate behind a computer screen or with lots of planning. Aren't we all (although, two facebook friends did ask for my autograph!)?
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