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Training Anise at home was easy. Nearly too easy considering what a dominant breed the Presa Canario is known to be. Sean and I were assertive with her from the start and surprisingly, she cooperated.

At least, in the house she did. On leash was a whole different story. Outside, people were for jumping on and dogs were for lunging towards and barking at. While we want our dog to appear scary since we're in the city, we certainly don't want our neighbors avoiding us because they think we have an aggressive, out-of-control beast.

I mean, just look at that vicious face!
After trying multiple leash-training techniques, we finally enlisted the help of a pro (who ultimately conceded that this will be an ongoing effort and left Sean and I to it after many frustrating sessions). She's still a crazy, but she's a crazy who needs exercise. The trainer pointed out that one way to get more out of our walks was with a dog backpack . I'd seen Cesar Milan break these babies out on TV, but I'd never seen one in person and never thought it would work for us. Yet, when he brought her home from their first backpack session and she promptly plopped on her bed, I knew there was potential.

The next hurdle was actually finding a backpack. Anise is considered XL at 90 lbs., which is hard to find in stores (and pricey so we try to avoid it anyway), but surprisingly, equally as hard to find online. I scoured Amazon and was finally resigning to a backpack that was much bulkier than I wanted. I bookmarked it and hesitated, hoping to find something better. That something (much, much) better came in the form of DNA Plus seeking a tester for their dog backpack.

While Anise I was initially disappointed that the backpack didn't come in pink, I think we're both happy with the green backpack we chose. It fits with room to spare, has plenty of pockets, and even comes with a poo bag dispenser and 2 collapsible food/water bowls. All your on-the-go essentials met! All the photos in this post are from her very first walk with this pack on (including a full gatorade bottle on either large side pocket for a better "workout"), and you can tell how content and comfortable she is.

We did take a snuggle/photo break, cuz why not?

Bottom line? Anise approves as do Sean and I (Though I will gladly buy a pink backpack if you ever get one. Please!?).

Look at that side glance. She's got the fashion blogger thing down!

Update: I'm publishing this review only for verification purposes. The backpack tore after only a few weeks.  While I don't recommend this backpack, I strongly do recommend DNA products. After I informed her of the quality issue, she tested a backpack independently and decided to discontinue selling this specific backpack in favor of a sturdier one. It speaks volumes to me that in a day where anyone can sell online for a quick profit that DNA still chooses quality. I'm looking forward to trying the new bag!
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