How to Work from Home & Make a Six Figure Income: re•view + giveaway!

Disclosure: I received access to this course in exchange for my opinions which are my own.

As more people try to address the need for a better work-life balance, they search for the flexibility of work-from-home opportunities.  Blogging is just one of them. There are so many more, but combing through them all and trying to determine which are legit and which are scams is exhausting.

I was given access to the Udemy course Work From Home: Turn Your Experience Into A $100,000 Income and definitely feel this resource is worth the investment for those seriously looking to transition to a work-at-home lifestyle.

The five-session course from entrepreneur Dave Espino covers the following:

  • Over 27 lectures and 3 hours of content,
  • Understanding of the top 5 home business models,
  • Discovering which of the top 5 home business models is right for you,
  • Understanding the personality types best suited for each business model,
  • Understanding the key elements related to each business model, and
  • Understanding the potential income range for each business model

If you have the time, the three-hour course could easily be taken all in one sitting. There is lots of information I wanted to pause for, but thankfully Espino reminds us throughout that key information will be provided again at the end of the course. I personally found his narration a little monotonous and broke the course up into a few sittings to be sure I paid full attention.

There are lists circulating  all over the internet of ways to earn extra money from home. What sets the course apart is the fact that Espino breaks down the different business models so the student can understand what makes each legit opportunity work, but he also acknowledges the truth that no one opportunity is for everybody. The breakdown forces you to consider what opportunities best suit a person in order to focus their efforts properly to avoid the effect of hastily signing up for every "make money here!" website and failing due to lack of a proper beginning.

Whether you want to stay at home with your kids, or you're content with your career like me but would like an additional cash flow on the side, Espino's course is a highly recommended starting point to get the most out of your efforts.

The course normally retails for $94 (and there is a free preview available before you sign up), but Dave has graciously offered a huge discount to my readers: only $17 using any of the course links in my post! Plus, we're giving one winner access to the course for free! Just enter below:

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