on training stubborn dogs: DoggieLawn Plus Review

Thank you to DoggieLawn Plus for providing an amazing product and customer support in exchange for review.

If dogs could be schizophrenic, that's what Anise would be. Training her at home was easy; she was already housebroken and simple commands like "sit" and "lay down" were a breeze for her to pick up on.

Outside? That's a whole different story, and I'm convinced it's a whole different dog. Girl is crazy on leash, especially if other animals are in sight, getting her attention is about as easy as talking to your man when he's watching football, and she only pees on grass. Not ideal for city living.

Thankfully, we aren't far at all from streets with grass, but it would be nice to be able to take her out back to have her do her business late at night or when it's colder outside. We hope we've found a solution with DoggieLawn Plus. It's a patch of real grass with a tray that fits in smaller spaces (i.e., our parking pad) for pups to have a quick and convenient potty location.

Our DoggieLawn arrived in two shipments (grass and plastic tray)....during the Baltimore riots. So, while I promise the grass was lush and green when it arrived...spending additional time outside to take pictures was not high on my priority list.

Regardless, setup and maintenance are super easy, and if it works for you, there are plans to have fresh grass shipped to you monthly or biweekly. Anise thinks the DoggieLawn Plus is better for lounging than pottying, but thankfully, the folks at DoggieLawn Pluss offer lots of support and training tips to help you help your pup accept their new business spot.

I experienced a really helpful training call, and the tips did help...in a way. She finally went somewhere she had previously refused to go: the concrete. Presas are a very headstrong breed, and while we're still trying to make the DoggieLawn Plus work for her, I wouldn't hesitate to suggest other dog owners (especially those in similar urban settings) give it a try!

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