re•view: 2 Tablets for Your Marriage

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Tony Hart's book 2 Tablets for Your Marriage addresses the relevance of the Ten Commandments (two tablets, get it?!)  to our daily lives, specifically on marriage.

Two Tablets for Your Marriage by Dr. Tony Hart

With a pretty cherry blossom cover, I took one look at this thin (it's less than 100 pages) book and knew I'd have the thing read within an hour. I'm always excited to read Christian books on marriage and glean new information (or at least a good reminder) on how I can be the best wife to Sean, so I was thrilled for this short "time out."

Like a marriage, 2 Tablets contains many great things but also has plenty of room for growth. There were so many cool tidbits throughout, but I found myself distracted by the lack of proper summary on the back cover, the academic tone (I wouldn't be surprised if this were an essay Hart wrote in seminary and decided to call it a book), and the constant lack or misuse of commas (I found myself having to re-read sentences often to gain proper understanding).

I'm not saying 2 Tablets for Your Marriage  is a bad book; it's like the cherry blossoms depicted on the cover, but they're waiting for the darn winter frost to get out of the way so they can bloom and shine. I loved that I often thought I had the book figured out, only to be surprised by where Hart actually took a particular section.

Inside of Two Tablets for Your Marriage

I ended up finishing the book in four sessions. The information is definitely valuable, but I'd love to see a re-worked second edition. Don't let that stop you, however. I promise you'll still learn!

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