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I took advantage of a coupon code and ordered a subscription box for Sean. It would be fun to get him new clothes, right?

$30 later we had two articles of clothing that didn't fit him and no returns allowed. Not so fun.

The same day he received the clothes, a pretty pink box arrived for me. The folks at loved + blessed wanted to join the subscription box game in their own way.

Their box speaks of my value, not theirs. While each box does include a little trinket, it focuses on encouraging the soul instead of adding to our piles of stuff we end up with and may or may not use.

Te mini poster, card, and sticker? All small reminders: we are valuable. we art worthy of love. we are loved + blessed. The cute little keychains tie into the theme and serve to be yet another reminder.

What a great pick me up! Even better, what a great way to encourage our sisters! How many women do we know who could use a reminder that they are not only loved and valuable, but worthy of that love?

This was my first box, but if other photos I've seen are any indication, they've got a pretty neat thing going on:

If you could use some extra encouragement (or know someone you'd love to lift up), loved+blessed will be loving and blessing one winner for 12 months! Just enter here!

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  1. This is awesome, I'm signing up to send one today! :)


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