10 Gift Ideas for the Crunchy Girl in Your Life

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Some of my favorite things are, let's say...a little off the beaten path. As a girl who considers herself "crunchy," I like knowing there's some good in the products I use. In some items, that means safer ingredients or materials used. In others, it means reduced waste: it's been upcycled or it can be composted instead of thrown out. Gifts like these set my green heart aflutter (admittedly, some of these I've owned for years and wouldn't have it any other way) and are sure to do the same for the crunchy girl in your life!

Crunchy Girl Gifts at Home

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  1. Yes! Me, me, me! I'm a mix of crunchy in some part of my life and not in others, but when it comes to anything I put on/in my body that's when my crunchy side comes out most. :) Can I just have everything here? Especially that cast iron skillet and glasstic water bottle!

    1. Great picks! I'd say 80% of what I cook is done in my one cast iron pan and the rest is in the crock pot. I'd be lost without my cast iron!

      As for the glasstic, it was one of the first products I ever reviewed on my blog years ago and I still use them (I have 3) daily!

  2. These products look awesome! Great gifts.

  3. I love all of your picks. I would die to get a cast iron under the tree! I've always wanted one!

    1. Tell your loved ones that THIS is the year! They're actually really affordable and last forever!

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