PRK Update: 1 Week Down

I'm typing this one all by myself...progress!

I'm spying a lot more with these little eyes than I'd hoped for in just a week.

Monday: Day 4

This was my first day at home without Sean, so I got wild! That is, I played my podcasts without headphones. I know, I know...scandalous behavior over at the Walsh house.

Podcasts aside, each day definitely added a little frustration. When recovering from my ear surgeries, I could read, color, or spend as much mindless time on social media as my heart desired to kill the time. Without my eyes...rough. It's literally eat, sleep, podcast, or sit and do nothing. My Fitbit step count would make me cry if my eyes weren't already teary.

Speaking of my eyes, the sensation has transitioned from scratchy/sandy to dusty/scratchy. I was very liberal with the use of artificial tears.

I could look at the phone and computer screens for just a few minutes before my eyes felt tired.

Tuesday: Day 5 + First Follow-Up

Sean left work early to take me to my follow-up appointment. It was rough being outside in the daylight for the first time, even with sunglasses, but I adjusted faster than I expected to.

A major shout out to LasikPlus for their promptness. I was seen immediately when I arrived.

The appointment was just a few minutes and included a vision test (they say I'm doing better than they expected for me), removal of the bandage contact lenses, and a quick look into my eyes with the light (OUCH!). For now I'm to keep up with the different eye drops as directed.

By the end of the day, my eyes felt a lot more comfortable with the lenses out. Vision is still blurry and I'm being very liberal with the artificial tears.

Wednesday–Thursday: Wrapping Up Week One

Wow! I've been really worried about how quick my vision would return, and I've been pleasantly surprised. It's not perfect, but it's better than I expected—like wearing an old glasses prescription where you can see reasonably in front of you but more detailed things like reading are fuzzier. My eyes were mostly comfortable (a little scratchy on Thursday), and I've been keeping up with frequent use of artificial tears.

I've been letting more light into the house and on Thursday we even had a field trip to Target for more eye drops! I couldn't read the aisle signs (let's be real—I know exactly where everything in Target is anyway), but everything else felt normal.

Night vision is odd and I think will be for awhile. The "halos" you hear about are real. I've been going with Sean for Anise's late night walks and I tell him the street lamps look like spiders.

What's Next

You can't keep me away from the theatre for long! I have tickets to the Beautiful (Carole King musical) tour in Baltimore for tomorrow. While initially worried I wouldn't be able to make it, I am definitely planning on going!

Monday I'm back at work pending clearance from our occupational health.

My next follow up appointment is at the one month mark. I'll check in again then!

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